This Bar Offers to Save Trapped Women on Bad Tinder Date, will Amuse You

Swiping right, swiping left through Tinder, unless your thumb starts to hurt, always awkward and in fear to meet a stranger on the first Tinder date isn’t uncommon.

Meeting strangers romantically through Tinder or any other dating app isn’t only risky but it can sometimes be dangerous too.

But one restaurant called – The Brickyard in St Albans, has come up with a way to help their customers on a bad date.

Bad Tinder Date

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These sign boards are kept in their bathrooms, telling women customers a way to get out of their bad encounter.  The way is quite simple, move over to the bar and ask for Jennifer or Rachelle, and the staff would act accordingly. A great way to protect their female customers.

Bad Tinder Date

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How did the Idea come about?

The owner of The Brickyard, James Hanning, told Femail: ‘The idea came about as a natural progression from what we’ve been doing here and at our sister site, the Sunrunner, for years.

‘We have always trained the team to be additionally watchful of groups of women to ensure that anyone approaching them was welcome and we’d discretely ask someone in the group if they were happy and intervene when necessary.

‘The Tinder enhancement came about after a women asked a manager if the man, she was with, looked like photo on her phone.

‘It was a light-hearted conversation, but we realised there was a potential for discomfort and thought that a discrete sign would help give dates the confidence to ask for help.’

What about Men on a Bad or Wrong Tinder Date?

Although the Signs originally only featured in Women’s Toilet, due to success of the campaign and taking a lot of feedback from the other gender too, the Signs board will Launch in Men’s Washrooms too.

Bad Tinder Date

via Dailymail

This James Bond style of helping people on a bad date, will want you to experience a bad date. Now that this has gone Viral they will have to change their rescue code, Isn’t it?

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