11 ‘Marvel’lous facts about Army of Superheroes!

They have entertained us all for decades with their ‘Army’ of Superheroes, Marvel Comic has many interesting stories behind how these Superheroes were born. Here are some of the interesting facts you will be pleased to know.

1. Stan lee the creator.

 Army of Superheroes

Stan Lee who worked for Marvel as a writer for hire sued Marvel in 2005 because he was hurt by Marvel Comics decision to keep profits from him over his 60 years with the company

2. Spider Moon walk which never happened!

 Army of Superheroes

In the early 1990s, Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel Comics just so that he could play Spider Man in his own produced movie.

3. Fan who became a creator.

 Army of Superheroes

Venom, the Spider-Man villain was a fan-based concept that Marvel bought for 220 dollars.

4. We didn’t know about this girl…did ya?

 Army of Superheroes

There is a Marvel super hero called Squirrel Girl, who once beat Doctor Doom by flooding his aircraft with a swarm of squirrels.

5. That’s an interesting story.

 Army of Superheroes

In 2002, a 4-year-old boy suffering from hearing loss didn’t want to wear a hearing aid because Super heroes don’t. To get him to wear his hearing aids, Marvel Comics created a super hero with a hearing aid called Blue Ear.

6. That’s why we love you.

 Army of Superheroes

In 1996, Marvel and DC comics created Amalgam Comics that joined their two universes together, thus resulting in characters such as Darkclaw, Batman,Wolverine, Super Soldier, Superman, Captain America, and Iron Lantern, Green Lantern ,Iron Man.

7. Me playing myself!

 Army of Superheroes

When the character of Nick Fury was re-introduced into the Ultimate Marvel comics, he was redesigned to resemble Samuel L Jackson, without the actors permission to use his image. It wasn’t until Samuel himself saw his resemblance in the comic that he contacted Marvel to secure a role in any future Marvel movies.

8. You were adopted?

 Army of Superheroes

The reason Spider-Man wasn’t a part of the Avengers movie is because Marvel sold the rights to Sony.

9. Yo bro…I gotcha!

 Army of Superheroes

Eminem is a character in the Marvel universe.

10. It has all that you can imagine of.

 Army of Superheroes

From 1975 to 1996, Marvel had trademarked the word, zombies. Perhaps understanding that this trademark wasn’t enforceable, in 1996 they registered Marvel Zombies.

11. Nailed it!

 Army of Superheroes

Iron Man was created by Stan Lee as a challenge to create a hero that no one should like and force people to like him.

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