Watch: Ant-Man, Dr. Stephan Hawking and a game of ‘Quantum Chess’

The Ant-Man, the Theoretical Physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking, a game of Quantum Chess and a Caltech’s event. What’s the catch between all this? Well…see it yourself (Bonus: cute cats Videos)

In this video which is made by Alex Winter of Downloaded, Bill & ted’s Excellent Adventure, Keanu Reeves from 700 years in the future, asks Paul Rudd to get into Caltech’s event no matter what because the future depends on him. There is only one way Rudd can get into the event. He has to challenge Stephen Hawking to a board game of ‘Quantum Chess’ and beat him.

Quantum Chess is regular chess with pieces and the board infused with the unpredictable nature of quantum mechanics. It works on probabilities instead of strategies.

Why is Rudd playing quantum chess? Well in Ant-Man, he came back from the quantum realm. So is he an expert now, of sorts? Maybe not. Scientists at Caltech were consulted when the movie Ant-Man was being made to understand how Rudd’s character Scott Lang jumps in and out of the quantum realm. This short film is Rudd returning the favour.

Nonetheless, it is actually funny to see Dr Stephen Hawking lose!

Reference: DNA India

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