About Us

Yaar Pata Hai is a bunch of passionate people who wants to spread all the information and knowledge to the community in a fun and exciting way.
We create Viral Content to educate and inform our community about crazy happenings around the world and around the world wide web.
As the name suggests – Yaar Pata Hai? which stands for Did You Know? in Hindi, we like to educate our users and visitors with daily dose of unbelievable and mind blowing facts, that will not only increase the Intelligence quotient, but also add value to their life.
We write about Social Media, Animals, Life, Cuteness and Entertainment, we have fun quizzes specifically designed for users to gain knowledge while having fun!
We believe the world can be a better place through education and knowledge, the more the learned a man, the more the value he will add into his life as well as others life – hence Yaar Pata Hai?
We hope to spread Postivity and Inspire people through our articles and change lives in a way that is not intruding their privacy. We believe in High Existence through reading and having fun.
And therefore, our mission of educating the world and imparting knowledge starts here!