A Place of Cremation & Burial for Hindus and Muslims together – Uttar Pradesh

While the Parliament is debating intolerance, the continuous stalling of Important Bills has put India on the back foot. The continuous Intolerance Drama has made it to News Channels Prime Time, such that these News often get missed.

Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan

While some leader are spewing hate speech against Religions, wanting to behead for mocking their sentiments.

This man has been working as a philanthropist since ages, spreading communal harmony all over India.

Yaar Pata Hai spoke to Naeem Khan philanthropist aged 60, from east Siddharthnagar near Nepal border, Uttar Pradesh. He has been donating blood since 1972 without discriminating against caste or creed. He has been ridiculed by radicals for the humanity he has been practicing but there is no holding him back and since 2006 he has started performing last rites of unclaimed dead bodies, performing the funeral according to the deceased’s religion, without the help of any NGO.

He has built a cremation and burial ground for Muslims and Hindus and helps them financially too. The prayers and last rites are often heard mingling together from this plot.

Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan has not taken a single penny from the Government or any NGO, everything that he has done is through his hard earned money.

Our India is not limited to people with power to put India down, but a collective greatness of such people.

There is a lot to learn from Naeem Khan and other Philanthropists, who due to the TRP of news channels, political agenda of some Political Parties and thieves of the Nation cannot come out and voice their opinions and spread communal love all over the world.

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