8 surprising facts about Game of Thrones

While the fans are eagerly waiting for Game of Thrones season 6, here are some surprising facts you need to know.

1. The Dothraki language is an entirely fictional language created exclusively for Game of Thrones.


The language is composed of more than 3,000 words and was created by a linguist named David Peterson.

2. Viserys Is Charles Dickens’ Great Great Grandson.


A 28-year-old British actor Harry Lloyd whose parents are Marion and Jonathan Lloyd. However, before she became a Lloyd, Marion was a Dickens, the great-granddaughter of none other than Charles Dickens, one of the most popular and legendary authors who ever lived.

3. More Khaleesis in real life.


In 2012 staggering 160 children were named Khaleesi. Keep counting!

4. Game of Throne is the most pirated show in the world.


Filesharing website TorrentFreak study showed that more people are downloading Game of Thrones than any other show in the world. In 2012, public BitTorrent trackers showed that one episode was illegally downloaded about 4,280,000 times. In 2015, ahead of season five downloading had increased by 45% worldwide, compared to 2014. The online leak of the first four episodes of season five, ahead of their air date, also caused a major headache for HBO.

5. There is actually 8-Bit Game of Thrones and its free!


You can fight White Walkers, climb the Wall and that all can be done in retro 8-bit  Well, thanks to engineer and comic book artist Abel Alves for designing an 8-bit, early Nineties style multi-level game based on the show – and made it available to download for free.

6. Talisa is actually Charlie Chaplin’s Granddaughter.


Oona Castilla Chaplin (born 4 June 1986) is a Spanish actress. She is the daughter of Geraldine Chaplin, granddaughter of English film star Charlie Chaplin.

7. Joffery in a Humanitarian in real life.


Unlike his character Jack Gleeson is a humanitarian in real life and works towards helping others through charity organisations like GOAL. Interestingly he has appeared in Batman Begins as a kid.

8. Master Aemon is blind in real life too.


Actor Peter Vaughan who plays Maestor Aemon a blind character is (legally)blind in real life as well.

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