7 Best Joker Quotes that makes him the Best Anti-Hero Ever

Sometimes the Best of you comes in your Worst situations. Joker from Dark Knight, the Best Anti Hero of modern times taught us what even most of the Heroes couldn’t. These best joker Quotes in the movie are surely something that you can relate to, an incident deep down in the memory lane, maybe.

Here are some of the best Joker Quotes


 Great Anti hero, Great philospher

Best Joker Quotes


Invaluable advisor

Best Joker Quotes



An Inconvenient Truth

Best Joker Quotes


A storyteller

Best Joker Quotes


There’s a Joker in everyone of us, waiting to be Unleashed

Best Joker Quotes


Horrifying Reality

Best Joker Quotes


The other side of Batman, the other side of You!

Best Joker Quotes

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