6 Awesome steps by which you can make Fresh Flowers last longer

How many times were you in a dilemma over what to do with the uncountable flower bouquets you received as gifts? Majority of you have done what 90% of the world’s population will do with them – take a vase pour water and put in your flowers.

The cut flowers will wither away very quickly if you do not take care of them properly. However if you follow these six awesome steps you can make Fresh Flowers last longer.

1. Clean your Vase


Fresh Flowers last longer

Clean it properly with soap and water to remove all the bacteria and Fungi that may damage the flowers.

2. Use Warm Water

Fresh Flowers last longer

by Ervins Strauhmanin

It is best that you use warm water that is around 110 degrees and free from any gas, Fill the vase with the warm water and let it be free from all the bubbles.

 3. Feed your flowers 

Fresh Flowers last longer

The packet food that comes with the flowers has bleach to fight off the microbes, critic acid to promote water uptake and sugar to keep your flowers fresh.

4. Cut the Stems

Fresh Flowers last longer

Hold the stems under running water and cut them at a 45 degree angle. This creates a wide opening to the xylem (where the flowers drink up water) and keeps air bubbles to a minimum so they don’t block the water pathways.

5. Keep Fruits Away

Fresh Flowers last longer

Fruits will shorten your flowers life span, since it contains ethylene, which tells the plant to ripen.

6. Keep your flowers in a cool place

The cold reduces microbial growth and decreses the metabolism, thus increasing the life span of your flowers. If you are going out of town you can consider putting them in the fridge (away from the fruits).

Fresh Flowers last longer


This video from the Reactions YouTube channel explains how flowers can be kept beautiful and garden like everyday with these simple steps.

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