12 Simple ways to get Amazing Pictures from Your Cellphone

Want to click cool pictures but lack knowledge of photography or you don’t possess that expensive DSLR with sleek lenses? Well…a cellphone is all that you need to click some coolest pics and moments to share with the World.

What we’re trying to say is that, not all good pictures need expensive equipment or three years of absolute hard work. Good pictures can be as simple as having a good vision and waiting for the right moment. Here are a few tips to help you take better pictures.

Eye contact

Because your eyes don’t lie

Social media is basically incomplete today without selfies. And everyone knows selfies come at so many angles. Everyone has the good side and the not-so-good side. We all have favourites, but taking a picture from a direct eye level feels more personal and connected. You don’t have to look into the camera, but the eye level angle alone will make the picture more magnetic. Because everyone knows that the eyes are the windows to the soul and one look can say a thousand things.



Lights can make it or break it

Apart from the focus of the picture, the second most important thing is the light. That explains all the washroom selfies, right? That the light in there is great. Be sure to make arrangements for the right light or move the whole picture if that would make things better. Sometimes you just need bright light, like for a sunny day. But otherwise soft, almost cloudy like lighting would do.



You don’t want people to get distracted

If the subject of the photograph is a person, try and pick a plain background so that the attention is given to the person. Contrast is a beautiful thing. The point is to not have objects that are too noticeable or loud, or that overpower the subject. Especially for outdoor pictures. For example, like having a tree grow out of your shoulder or having leaves instead of hair. Even if you’re taking pictures only for the background, say an amazing waterfall or such, having people in it will make the picture much better. And photographer Cole Rise suggests that people can also act as scale for the desired scenery.


Move closer

Don’t have those sleek and expensive lenses? No problem!

Zooming in is easy, but the real details come out when you’re close to your subject. Sometimes you can’t really avoid it, but whenever you can, get up and close to the subject so all the little things add up well to the big picture.


Use flash

Flash and flaunt


Everyone has some really bad pictures of when the unexpected flash went off, bringing into light strange objects, or making everything in the frame look like a scene from a scary movie. However, the flash can be your friend- especially outdoors. Remember to be careful about glare (if you have glasses or such) and red eyes. It is also important to keep in mind the distance of the flash and maintain optimum distance.


The rule of thirds

Because some rules are good

If you could divide your photo into three parts, avoid keeping the subject at the middle of the photo. In fact, people use a 3×3 grid to picture it, and focus the subject to one of the intersections.


Do multiple shots

For that right moment

Another version of this would be to say to use the burst mode. By taking so many shots, you never know what you might end up with. Burst mode works better for moving subjects. But if you’re doing an actual photo shoot, do remember to take one too many pictures and try to avoid repeated shots so you have a whole variety of pictures.


Be quick

Candids are the best moments


This is the biggest advantage of burst mode. You’re allowed to miss very little. However, there are some moments which are unexpected and just come by and as we all know that Candid moments are the best moments. Some phones have a separate button to open the camera. And never hesitate to take a picture, and don’t wait too long for things to look good. Candid pictures tell amazing stories.


Vertical pictures

Vertical Limits

If you’ve noticed, most of our pictures tend to be horizontal. Especially the ones with many people or sceneries. Vertical pictures, however, draw attention to exactly what you want. This works best for tall buildings or trees where it emphasizes on the comparisons that you are trying to achieve.


Tell a story

Montages of Life

Pictures, as much as meant to preserve our favorite memories, also serve to tell a story. And every picture tells a story, about a when or where and sometimes they convey feelings and send a message. Pictures are meant to make you feel, and being invested and interested in the story you are trying to tell that will show up in your pictures.


Be creative

Unleash that creative side of yours

After seeing twelve different people’s lunches, it’s nice to see some pictures that people put effort into. And creativity takes more effort that anything else. Plan a little, decide what you want to express and think of a really cool way to do it. Good pictures make people who see them as happy as the people who took them.



Masterstroke for a Masterpiece

Now that you have a great picture, it’s okay to tweak it a little. One way is to do the easy thing and use filters, but for more specific changes, you can use a photo-editing software to make subtle alterations. Cole Rise again advice to reduce all edits by 50% once you are pleased with the edited picture to make it more subtle.

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