8 Subconscious Mind facts will Amaze Your Conscious Mind

Why is it that we find it difficult to choose when we have more options? Is it the conflict between your Heart and Mind or is it something else doing a mischief? Well these subconscious mind facts will change the you perceive the World.

Thomas Miller from Subconscious Mind Mastery

8 Subconscious Mind facts

Says that the subconscious mind stores all the data of our existence before we were born, and arguably if you so choose to believe, even from past lives.


While you are asleep

8 Subconscious Mind facts

When you are dead asleep in a couch while watching a late night movie, Your Subconscious Mind is still listening to part of the movie that you missed.


It has no verbal language.

8 Subconscious Mind facts
The subconscious stores all your memories and experiences in the form of mental images and metaphors. A metaphor is a symbolic image meant as an analogy or substitute for something else such as broken heart, raining cats and dogs, etc.


It understands No-Negative Word

8 Subconscious Mind facts

Your subconscious has a bank of images available to visualize your words. Imagine what ‘I won’t eat cheese’ looks like! It will have to first ‘see’ the cheese before maybe superimposing a red cross on top to it. So focus on the alternative (like a glass of water) or what you DO want.


It believes everything, and we mean EVERYTHING

8 Subconscious Mind facts

Remember jumping out of the seat or screaming while watching a horror movie? Right! Your subconscious mind is a culprit, because Whatever you can see on TV, imagine, dream or visualize is real to your subconscious mind.


It knows no Past, no Future but Only Present!

8 Subconscious Mind facts

Surprisingly your Subconscious mind doesn’t dwell in the past, it believes in ‘RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW’ philosophy.


Its sole purpose is to protect you and keep you safe

8 Subconscious Mind facts

This evolutionary heritage brings about the fight or flight response. Every meaning you assigned to events and situations as a child was based on this postulate.


It has the cognitive level of a young child

8 Subconscious Mind facts
It has the mental capacity of a young child between the age of 2 and 8. You are protected by a child!


It runs 95% of your daily life!

8 Subconscious Mind facts
Last but not least, your subconscious runs 95% of your daily life. In average, you are using only 5% of the time your conscious mind. Yet, don’t you expect 100% results of what you set out to accomplish?

Reference: Quora

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