10 interesting Christopher Nolan facts

Watching Christopher Nolan’s movies feels like a dope. Memento, Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar are true gems of Hollywood as well as World Cinema!

Here are some interesting facts about Christopher Nolan.


1. He never went to film school, Everything Christopher Nolan knows, he learned everything himself.

memento tattoos

2. Nolan writes his Scripts in the form of Diagrams. After the movie Memento all of his movie scripts are written in the form of  pictures. He found it quite difficult while editing Memento, as he wanted to tell the story in backwards.


3. Uses only one camera unit for dramatic sequences. Most directors prefer two or even three units in different spots so that they can get different angles, etc. Nolan prefers to have minimal shots so he can choose the ones he wants himself, which brings me to my next point


4. Apparently Nolan doesn’t have an email address, so he gets his assistant to print out important emails instead.


5. He likes drinking tea so much that he always carries a flask of it around with him, causing his teeth to go a “chestnut gradient”. Michael Caine was convinced he mixed it with alcohol, asking him on set “You’ve not got vodka in there, have you?'”


6. Before he begins filming a movie, he spends around two weeks typing out the original idea on his father’s old typewriter.


7. Like a lot of creative people (including Steve Jobs), he likes to wear the same outfit every day. In the warmer months this consists of a dark jacket over a blue dress shirt (with slightly fraying collar) and black durable trousers with scuffed, sensible shoes. In the colder months this is paired with a herringbone waistcoat.


8. He prefers shooting on 35mm film instead of digital, so much so that he even shot some of Interstellar’s “Skype footage” scenes using 35mm. He also visited countless cinemas in New York to make sure they had suitable equipment to project Interstellar.

9. He claims that he’s never late for work and he never works on weekends.

10. He tries to imagine each film he makes as his last, going into it with no compromises.


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